Perhaps one of the most important factors that determine your business survival and success is knowing and defining your Perfect Customer.

Whether you are new to business and only have an idea ruminating in your head, or already deep into it – working this out will be your guiding light throughout the start of your business, if not even longer term. It will inform all your decisions and choices as well as the amount of money you will need to begin with, medium and longer term.

This exhaustive guide helps with answering many questions and guiding you through to create your own PCP :

  • What is a Perfect Customer Profile (PCP)?
  • Why do you need a PCP?
  • Benefits of creating a PCP
  • How to create your own PCP?
  • Does it apply to only new businesses or existing ones too?
  • Examples of good and bad PCPs
  • An exhaustive list of questions to help you create your own.